We work with partners in a supporting role on a variety of parallel projects. Currently we are:

  • Running a product discovery process for Lumin to design the next version of their smart electrical panel, which allows homeowners to optimize their energy usage, particularly in solar + battery settings.
  • Building out a data warehouse & business intelligence system for an online grocery SaaS company, Locai Solutions.
  • Helping Myth Talent reimagine the broken career search market in tech via strategy consulting, and offering career advising to individuals along the way.
  • Supporting Open Masters – a self-directed learning community – get Wayfinder Kits to more people who could use help in this moment.
  • Supporting a new cooperative dedicated to building affordable tiny homes with an ecoforestry bent in Oakland.
  • Building a hobby project called HowNow for guides & recommendations.
  • Coordinating a CTO peer group for the Charlottesville community.

We recently finished:

  • Advising on product & data strategy for Dorsata, a healthcare startup that is building products to improve maternity care.
  • Rolling out a business intelligence & data science platform for Apex Clean Energy with our partner, Stacker Group.
  • Advising a group of UVa students who created Wanderer's Point to fill the advising gap for college students in transition during COVID.
  • Providing creative support and production assistance for the Basic Income Film project.
Photo by Zachary Keimig on Unsplash