Who are we?

A small product management consultancy that supports individuals, projects, & organizations that are tackling systemic issues in society.

What are recent examples of our work?

  • Improving pregnancy outcomes through smarter EHR products with Dorsata
  • Reducing food waste in the American food system with Imperfect Foods
  • Increasing wind turbine energy efficiency through better data systems with Apex Clean Energy

See a full list of our current & recent work.

What do we do?

To be honest, our work doesn't neatly fit into a box. We enjoy building things – organizations, teams, digital products, physical objects, etc. – and that manifests itself in different ways depending on the project & needs.

That said, the most consistent role we play is as a hands-on coach for teams trying to understand how their product is (or is not) being used, and how they can quickly & concretely test new ideas and improve performance. Specifically, we:

  1. Audit your current product strategy, UX approach, and data stack.
  2. Create gap analyses, roll out customer research processes, and instrument a data stack.
  3. Improve systems of prioritization & planning to iteratively run experiments that test outcomes connected to company goals.

Why us?

The combination of our:

  • (a) approach (favor concrete over hypothetical)
  • (b) skillset (at the intersection of product/UX/engineering/data)
  • (c) experiences (building products across domains for the last ~20 years).

You get experienced practitioners that can serve as an extension of your existing team through a mix of coaching and doing.

What is a loose sense of our process?

via The Lean Product Playbook - Dan Olsen


  • What is the core value being offered to customers?
  • How can you differentiate your product in the market?
  • What are the key outcome metrics, both for customers and the business?
  • What is the ideal customer journey that could step-change the outcomes?
  • How can you tell a cohesive story that connects the high level to low level?


  • Help craft interviews: what info to seek, what questions to ask, and what materials to leverage to get concrete feedback?
  • Assess UX gaps: what are the existing vs. ideal customer journey diagrams, how to create interactive mockups/prototypes to leverage in customer interviews, what UX changes / trends / strategies might you consider to improve your existing solution?
  • Audit metrics: what should engagement goals be, what of that is measurable today, how well are things going as of now, and how to better instrument the product going forward?


  • Given strategy & discovery findings, what are key areas of investment / experimentation?
  • What are technical considerations - buy vs. build, SaaS tooling, system architecture tradeoffs, etc?
  • How to take those key areas and create a series of hypotheses & experiments?
  • How to run and assess results of those experiments?
  • What is an ongoing product development process that allows for a mix of long term planning & short term iteration?


Though we prefer to partner with folks who will handle the ongoing delivery of project build-outs (i.e. project management, software development, etc.), the areas we'll often take on more execution oriented roles are:

  • Implementing the product discovery processes above (e.g. running interviews, creating prototypes, etc.)
  • Setting up a data stack (e.g. web analytics, data warehouse, BI tool, ETL processes, etc.)

Reach out if any of the above sounds interesting!

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