A guide to setting your company’s operating cadence

In my installing ramp meters on your product roadmap post, I made the case that organizations should leverage the idea of an "operating cadence" in order to make their planning processes more efficient and their delivery processes more impactful. Here’s the diagram I shared as part of that post:

A diagram outlining the steps in an organization’s high-level operating cadence

In this post, I'm sharing a more granular version of that diagram that I've used in consulting engagements:

A diagram outlining the components in an organization’s operating cadence
See zoomable version here.

When helping organizations prioritize improvements to their operational practices, I’ll use this diagram as an anchor for discussion, such as: “OK, what components here do we feel are particularly strong or weak?” and “What part should we focus on improving next?” To aid that process, I created a little scorecard to go along with it:

A template for scoring your organization’s operating cadence
See spreadsheet here

I realize that there are many approaches to this type of thing – consider this just a humble addition to the group. Let me know if you find it useful!

Step by step‌, day by day;‌ A fresh start over‌, a different hand to play‌;‌ The deeper we fall‌, the stronger we stay‌; And we'll be better‌; the second time around.


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